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L'Exhibition O

The L'Exhibition O prides itself as a museum that caters to participatory art. Unlike conventional museums with a set collection of artworks, we hold no such inventory. Instead, we encourage our patrons to partake in the creation of what other patrons might view in their visit. As such, no two visits to the museum are ever identical.

Instead of galleries, L'Exhibition O has rooms and dungeons where patrons can participate in the creation of deeply personal and sensual art. While most of our rooms are facilitated by one of our ladies, we also offer private "studios" which our patrons can take advantage of to their wildest desires.

And if that's not enough to foster that air of deep intimacy and sensual connection that is the unique hallmark of participatory art, the establishment also regularly hosts themed functions which aim to stimulate serendipity as much as the senses.

What we offer you in these pages is a peek into the rooms and galleries of the museum. In these accounts of self-discovery you will find the thrills unique to pariticpatory art. No longer a mere passive viewer, let us take you to journeys of becoming the object of an aesthete's gaze itself.

Unravel Alcyone's thoughts as her erstwhile-boyfriend introduced her to the pleasures of our establishment. Now among our most esteemed facilitators, her timid first steps into our threshold is almost certainly historic. Or relish the long tale of Robin's first themed function in the museum as she samples pleasures on offer.

Finally, for the daring soul who finds that mystery and fear arouse sense and spirit like no other, the enigmatic origins of L'Exhibition O can be surmised from the founder herself. At once beautiful and deadly, the green-haired Morrigan has reasons for the establishment that are uncanny as they are hedonistic.