Tricked into a suspicious establishment by her boyfriend, Alcyone discovers her wild side.

The Making of a Slut

The first time Alcyone entered the L'Exhibition O, she thought it too dimly lit for—as her boyfriend claimed—a museum. In fact, it gave off a sinister impression. She could hear a faint nondescript instrumental piece of music playing but it did not soften the overall hostility she perceived. Two women in black corsets that emphasized their bosom received them. Her boyfriend instructed one of them to help Alcyone change.

The blonde attendant lead Alcyone to the changing room. Inside were a few women naked and putting make up on. One already wore what looked to her as some very fancy lingerie. The room was well-lit, in neutral tones, but in contrast to what she has seen of the rest of the L'Exhibition O it was almost friendly and welcoming.

Alcyone could only hear a faint trace of the usual bustle in the L'Exhibition O inside the well-lit changing rooms. There were only a few other women changing, each not paying attention to the others.

They stopped in front of a full-body mirror. Alcyone realized the attendant expected her to strip naked in front of her, in view of the other women. "Can't I change somewhere more...private?" she asked reluctantly.

The attendant gave an amused smile. "Ah, of course. Your man did mention it is your first time here..."

Expecting to be lead to a more traditional changing room, Alcyone was taken by surprise when the attendant embraced her from the back and whispered to her ear, "This is as private as it gets here, sweetie. Don't worry, you're safe, you'll get used to it."

Alcyone was not at all reassured but the attendant then proceeded to pull her black wool sweater over her head. She was then seated in a nearby stool as the attendant removed her boots.

"Come now, be a sweetheart," the attendant egged her on. "I can't remove those nice jeans for you, it'd be against the rules."

Not knowing why, Alcyone complied. She undid her belt and took off her jeans as the attendant checked the contents of the paper bag from Alcyone's boyfriend, her surprise anniversary gift.

"Oh how beautiful!" she exclaimed. "Really, women will envy you..."

She paused as she looked at Alcyone in her current state of undress. "Don't be shy now darling, you need to take off your bra and panties for this as well," she said. "It's really beautiful, mind you. You should be delighted to wear it," she encouraged further.

Completely naked, Alcyone finally looked at her boyfriend's anniversary gift, the one he wanted her to wear as they explored the L'Exhibition O. It was a one piece latex lingerie in a very eye-catching shade of red.

Her boyfriend cuddled up to her in bed, spooning her. She felt his warmth and his tight embrace, his arms just barely touching her breasts through her silk nightgown.

"Would you be interested in exploring a participatory art museum?" her boyfriend asked her about a month ago. "I want to take you there for our anniversary."

"What's participatory art?" she asked, tired, almost disinterestedly.

He took a deep breath and answered after a while. "Well, it's do you call it?...avant garde concept where the public gets to create the exhibit as they visit. As such no two visits will be the same."

"So we get to look at children's crayon reproductions of Mona Lisa?"

He laughed nervously. "What I have in mind is definitely more adult—you might even say exclusively so—but probably just as messy."

"Sounds interesting, why not..."

"Great! I'll book us tickets for L'Exhibition O then!"

He tightened his hug and Alcyone felt a growing erection pushing against her buttcheeks. There was a time when she would have indulged him, maybe suck him off, but tonight she's just too tired to bother.

Their anniversary arrived and she found a classy black paper bag from him with a note that read,

Don't open yet. Bring it with you to L'Exhibition O.

Loved the past year. Here's to more anniversaries to cum.

Alcyone had no idea what to make of the misspelling in the last word.

The anniversary gift came with a pair of equally-red high-heeled boots. While she has worn high-heels before, she found that she couldn't find her gait this time, as if she's relearning how to carry herself. Perhaps it was the small squeaks her skin made against the latex lingerie as she walked or just the sheer revealing nature of what she currently wore. And it couldn't have helped that she was blindfolded.

"Look how beautiful you are!" The blonde attendant fawned over her as she straightened out the kinks on the latex. Alcyone looked at herself on the full- body mirror, she did feel herself beautiful but, more than anything, she felt exposed.

"What is this place exactly?" she asked the attendant. "I thought we would explore participatory art tonight?"

"Oh you could, you could. But actually..." the attendant cast her an estimating look. "Actually, I think your man has something a bit more private in mind for tonight."

Alcyone looked confused.

"Don't worry sweetheart. Me and my partner will be with you the whole night," she said, carressing Alcyone's hair, tucking it behind her ear. "Company policy," she added as a matter of fact.

Still deeply unsure, Alcyone nodded. "I suppose you will take me to my boyfriend now?" she asked.

"Yes! You must be excited!"

Alcyone cast her gaze across the changing room once more. Two of the women, completely naked when they entered, were now helping each other put on lingerie as fancy as the one Alcyone currently wore. While her senses feel heightened, she didn't exactly want to describe her current feelings as "excited".

"Oh, I almost forgot! I have to blindfold you," the attendant said, with an enthusiasm that, matched with the meaning of her words, bordered on sadism.

"A blindfold? What kind of museum..." she wondered out loud, almost aggressively, as her attendant chose from an array of silken blindfolds of various colors.

"It's part of the arrangements your man made for the night," she said, once more in her matter-of-fact tone, as she held a red blindfold that went with Alcyone's clothes. "It's all pretty standard for first timers and, no worries, I will lead you to where your man waits."

And thus Alcyone found herself walking blindfolded, lead on only by the smooth feel of her attendant's latex glove.

As they walked, Alcyone could hear the other museum guests engaging in what she assumed is the participatory nature of the place. She tried to shed light on the mystery of her present situation through the sounds—laughs, conversation, moans—but she could only assume that participatory museum actually meant some kind of theater.

There were, also, fragments of conversation, all of which either expressed approval or demanding an encore of some performance. Once, in an elevator, the other guests even addressed the pair directly.

"Damn, is she tonight's main attraction?" came a man's voice.

"Sweetie," came a woman's voice from the same direction, with a slight tinge of jelousy, "you know it's against the rules to ask." The sound of a light slap followed the admonition.

Her attendant gave a short laugh. "She could certainly be but no sir this one is a private affair, unfortunately."

She came with a squirt. Her legs shook, weakening and releasing her boyfriend's face. She can see her own fluids like a smatter of thick webbing across her boyfriend's smile. He scrapes his face clean with a finger and then promptly inserts the dripping digit into her mouth, for her to suck on.

They soon entered a room and the noises outside faded into a faint hum. A sharp expression of surprise from a woman she did not recognize promptly followed their arrival. Then came a voice Alcyone recognized—her boyfriend's.

"Wow," said a voice Alcyone finally recognized as her boyfriend's.

She called out, a bit in panic, but she was lead on further into the middle of the room. She felt her boyfriend embracing her from behind, arms around her hips. A throbbing erection pressed against the soft cheeks of her ass.

She trembled with no idea why. He kissed her lightly on her neck to reassure her. "You're very beautiful," he whispered to her as he removed her blindfold.

Alcyone expected to be blinded by light but the room was dimly lit, unlike the changing rooms. They were in a spacious, lavishly decorated bedroom; a canopied bed stood in front of her, the sheets smooth and definitely purposedly arranged. Despite that, this room was the closest to a traditional museum gallery she has seen so far: the wall was covered with paintings.

" you like it?"

She turned around to face her boyfriend. He was shirtless and behind him Alcyone thought there were more people with them. But it was trick; on the opposite wall was an array of mirrors. By those mirrors the two attendants who received them stood watchfully, as if on guard and awaiting orders.

"What...what exactly is this place?" she finally asked directly. She couldn't help expressing the question with a dash of fear, even resentment.

"Uh. As I said it's a participatory—"

"I know that already!" she cut him off. She half-expected the two attendants to react but they remained standing stiff. "But what exactly should we do in here?"

She thought she knew the answer to that already but has been dreading the truth. She wanted to hear the truth straight from him.

"My dear, I think this is better explained by what's on display in the room."

Alcyone turned her back on him and, for the first time, paid close attention to the paintings covering the wall. They were all of women in various stages of undress.

"This isn't clearing things up," she said, contempt and confusion mounting inside her.

"There is one painting here that has particularly captivated me," he replied. There was a noticeable change in his voice, now in a firm and commanding register, not at all apologetic.

He pointed to the paintings on his left, the ones closest to the bed.

She faced the wall, as he commanded. Her gaze fell on a painting of a woman, lying down, with a very seductive smile on her lips. She seemed to beckon the viewer (or was it the painter?), egging them on to forbidden fruits. But most of all she seemed in control, cherishing the attention given to her.

Alcyone did not feel in control. He was watching her from behind and she could feel him observing every detail of her figure. The skin-tight clothing (can she call it that?) dug between her legs. She was afraid she might lose sensation soon.

He approached and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. She could feel his erection, impressing on her butt cheeks. She couldn't help but shudder as he kissed her.

"That's not what I wanted you to look at," he said, almost a whisper. She then felt his hands on her chin, rather roughly dragging her gaze upwards.

Then, she saw it. The painting above the woman with a beckoning smile. It was a woman, almost naked, standing upright with an almost military rigidity; her hands were even behind her back (were they tied?). Her face was inscrutable —blank—neither in control nor powerless. She is looking at something in the distance. Or, rather, her attention was called to it. Whatever it was, she received it with calm resignation.

"I want you to be like her," he whispered.

She couldn't help but gasp, her concerns confirmed. Somehow she knew that that request was the logical conclusion of the preceding events. The pretense of a participatory art museum, the lingerie costume—it all lead to that request, a lover's command.

His embrace tightened as she gasped, as if supporting her, stopping her from collapsing where she stood. Suddenly, one of his arms was between her breasts, the other wrapped even tighter around her waist, dangerously close to her sex. He whispered her reassurances.

Alcyone regained her footing and held on to the nearest bed post. Her heart was racing, the sensual decor of the room was bearing on her. She breathed short and heavy breaths. For the first time that night, the constricting lingerie she's been asked to wear comforted her; tight as it is, it felt like it was what kept her together.

"Hey, baby, I didn't mean to..." he started, as he laid his hands on her shoulder. "Please don't..."

She turned around and kissed him on the lips, long, passionate, and sensual. "Is that what you want?" she asked as it ended.

The look of surprise on his face was rewarding, Alcyone thought. He started to breathe heavily too. As for Alcyone, she could feel her heart pounding; she knew her chest rose and fell rapidly. She imagined how she looked like and hoped it was no less inviting.

A brief smirk flashed across his face before he took her by the chin and kissed her violently. But Alcyone enjoyed it, she kissed back.

She could feel the heat of his body. They were both sweating. She pushed him back and sat on the edge of the bed. She leaned back, arms supporting her body behind her, her crotch in front, on offer.

"Come here baby, show me exactly what you want," she teased, her own audacity surprising her.

He removed his pants, freeing his erect cock. She let it hit the side of her face, held it gently against her soft cheeks, took in its smell from its pulsing base. Then she put it in her mouth. She almost gagged but held fast. He groaned and started thrusting, invading her mouth with gusto.

He withdrew his cock. It was coated with a thick copious mixture of her saliva and precum. Still pulsing, she let it drip on her chest, between her breasts. She looked up at him with a frenzied smile. He held her cheek in a pinch.

"Good sluts should be rewarded," he said.

He knelt down in front of her, positioning himself between her legs. She leaned back once more, to take in the view of her boyfriend kissing the latex covering her right thigh. He started running his tongue on the smooth surface. She could only feel the slight pressure of his tongue but she knew what he was doing, and anticipated it. He started from her knee and slowly slid towards her inner thigh.

The sensation on her skin as his tongue slid off the end of the latex felt electric. Her muscles clenched. He was now directly in front of her crotch, his chin almost touching her soft and sensitive pussy.

"Relax baby," he murmured, his words fogging the glossy stretched latex. He kissed the latex between her widespread legs. "Enjoy."

He inserted his fingers inside her lingerie. On the surface of her aroused lips she was soaked with sweat and who knows what else her vagina secreted. For a moment she worried about making a mess of her gorgeous one-piece lingerie or of the lavish sheets in this sultry room. He was looking into her eyes as she licked the fingers glistening with moisture from inside her.

"I want more of this," he said as he gave her crotch a succession of small kisses. "More. I want it all."

He leaned forward with an obscene tongue and a teasing glint on his eyes. He started wetting the latex with his saliva. She could feel the pressure of his tongue through the latex but she craved more sensation. Without thinking, she wrapped her thighs around his head, and matching his teasing licks with thrusts.

"Baby, I want to feel more of you..."

In response he drew his right arm over her left thigh to reach at the piece of latex covering her sex and drew it sideways, exposing a thoroughly moist pussy. She watched as he dived greedily into it, sparing no area of contact with his own mouth. She felt his tongue probing her folds, sending convulsions throughout her body.

She came with a squirt. Her legs shook, weakening and releasing her boyfriend's face. She can see her own fluids like a smatter of thick webbing across her boyfriend's smile. He scrapes his face clean with a finger and then promptly inserts the dripping digit into her mouth, for her to suck on.

As if on a trance, she greedily lapped on the proffered finger, keeping eye contact the whole time. There was a manic glint in her boyfriend's eye that she found rather mesmerizing, like seeing a different side of him she didn't even know existed. Until now.

He slipped his finger out of her mouth and held her chin up by her cheeks, smearing a mixture of saliva and vaginal fluids on her face. Alcyone breathed heavily, tense at this sudden pause in action.

"I think it's time for you to take those off, my sweet slut."

Alcyone complied. Getting out of her latex lingerie wasn't as smooth as she wanted but after a bit of struggle, she found herself kneeling over it on the bed, like a skin she just shed.

He joined her on the bed and guided her to ride the erect cock he held with her back to him. They were both facing the room's only door, where the two women still tood on attention. Alcyone wondered whether they have been watching them the whole time.

And then there were the mirrors.

Alcyone watched herself as he began to thrust his throbbing cock between her legs. She moaned and watched the girl in the mirror tremble. She felt his hands on her breasts and saw her own depraved approving expression across the room.

"Let's make things more exciting," she heard him say. He clapped his hands, signalling to the two attendants waiting at the other end of the room.

To Alcyone it was as if the women emerged from the mirror, from the world in which she was watching this woman who looks like her thoroughly enjoy a cock ram her pussy. They approached in slow sultry steps, like a pair of succubi summoned by a ritual carnal act.

For a moment they towered in front of her; Alcyone can smell the sweat on their breasts mingle with their perfume. She touched their breasts as they caressed her hair, like gesturing a sister welcome.

Then they started licking her breasts and Alcyone can watch herself on the mirror again. The woman on the mirror was being ravaged—in celebration or in desecration, she did not know—every thrust and throb of the cock inside her transforming her, every lick on her breasts from these two sluts peeling away her inhibitions.

She watched the woman on the mirror come, at least until one of her sluts-in- waiting rose and held her by the chin to kiss her lips as she orgasmed. It wasn't a gentle kiss but, rather, forceful and passionate; you might even say it was violating.

"I hope you are having a lovely time," she said and Alcyone realized it's her attendant, the one who helped her dress for this wonderful occassion.

She held her slut by the hair and kissed her back just as forcefully. "I am darling, thanks for asking," she said.

When she looked at the mirror again, she thought the woman that looked back at her looked familiar. This woman enjoyed the attention showered on to her: the cock fucking her and the licks covering the rest of her body. She was a queen, sitting on her throne while being served by obedient slaves yet at the same time she was a slut being fucked and licked for her man's pleasure.

She has become the woman with a beckoning, come-hither, smile from the painting.

"Wait. Stop." Alcyone suddenly said.

"Baby what's wrong? Don't you like it?" her boyfriend asked, surprised. His cock was still sleeved stiff in her pussy but he was no longer thrusting. Her sluts- in-waiting seemed suspended in mid-air, with an awkward indecision as to how to handle the situation.

Alcyone stood up. There was a string of grool connecting her boyfriend's cock to her pussy. With a finger she collected this sappy fluid around her finger and, turning to face her boyfriend, put it in her mouth.

His breath quickened at the sight of Alcyone, with a sultry enchanting look on her face. Alcyone grabbed his cock and gave it a couple of strokes. It throbbed in her hand as his loins sprung to life, involuntarily twitching and thrusting, unsure as to what happens next.

"Let's make this more exciting," she told him as she rode her cock once more.

She moaned as she started bouncing, her wet pussy ravishing that rod of pleasure again. She took the slut on her right, kissed her on the lips and directed her back to her breasts. That handled, she turned to the other one on her left and started to simply make out with her.

Soon enough, hey boyfriend began matching her bouncing with involuntary thusts. His breathing quickened as he watched this small orgy taking place in front of him and on his cock too, one might even say.

"Please, Alcyone, I'm going to cum," he begged.

Alcyone stopped bouncing. His breathing became even more labored, frustrated at the turn of events.

"Please, babe, I want to cum. Doesn't have to be inside you, I just have to now."

"You don't want to cum inside me?" Alcyone asked. There was a commanding quality to her voice, one that startled even her.

"It's not that. you want me to? I mean I just want to cum."

"It's rather rude to leave me and my attendants out of it don't you think?" Inside her pussy his cock stopped throbbing but remained stiff.

Alcyone pushed him to lay flat on the bed. She instructed the slut licking her breasts to straddle his torso, directly in front of her while she instructed the other one to sit on his face.

She wrapped her arms around the waist of the slut straddling in front of her. She could smell a mixture of her sweat and her perfume as well as a whiff of her arousal although her skin was clammy from anticipation. "Let's all cum together, shall we?" she asked. She restarted bouncing on her boyfriend as she fingered the slut straddled in front of her.

Both sluts moaned. The limbs Alcyone rode sprang back to life and started thrusting even harder, though her boyfriend's face was buried and busy pleasuring another woman's pussy. He moaned loudest despite his mouth being muffled by wet folds of a woman's sex. Alcyone regulated his stimulation with his hips, ensuring that she and the other sluts get their satisfaction too.

His body shrugged violently. In between licks and kisses to the other slut's pussy, he managed to form an intelligible beg of "Please!"

The two sluts moaned in response. Alcyone started bouncing her hips faster, the sound of her flesh slamming on his adding to the chorus of moans. "Cum! Now!" Alcyone managed to command before her vocal chords were overrun with moaning.

And she felt that stiff cock explode a copious amount of semen violently; she was sure some of it immediately dripped out of her pussy, into the base of the thick shaft she rode. The slut she was fingering shook and she immediately kissed her on the lips to share her pleasure though her hand remained buried inside the moist warmth of her sex.

Exhausted, she dismounted. Her legs were shaking as her boyfriend's creamy semen dripped slowly out into her inner thighs. She lay beside him on the bed. "Clean us up," she ordered the two sluts.

One of them immediately buried her face between her legs, licking and sucking the semen out of her still-aroused pussy while the other one serviced her boyfriend's still-engorged cock. She licked across the shaft, restoring some stiffness to it.

She looked at the exhausted and drenched face of her boyfriend beside her. He looked back into her eyes, his lips coated with another woman's cum. She reached out to kiss him passionately on the lips, tasting and cleaning off the juices of the slut who came on his face.

"This was the best anniversary gift ever, sweetie," she told him to show gratitude. "Let's have a date here again?"